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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  September 1, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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hill. this is still the scene in many towns days after hurricane irene hit the east coast the president getting ready to tour the major damage done to one new jersey town. earthquake, hurricanes, now poisonous snakes. fox 5 news starts now. it is a beautiful start to this thursday morning national cathedral on wisconsin avenue, september 1st, 2011 glad you are with us i am steve. >> i am alison. a different wake up call for many courtesy of the earth moving once again in mineral virginia a 3.4 magnitude after shock struck 5:09 a.m. this morning centered 4 miles from mineral near the location of the original 5 .8 quake that hit august 23rd. folks around the region have told us they tempt it. all right maybe you did too let us know the school situation in the aftermath of
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the hurricane. students in calvert and st. mary's county will return to class on time today. in prince georges one school closed, glen arden woods because of no power all other schools in prince georges are open this morning. >> anne arundel has seven schools closed because of no power you can see that list on all right let's check with tucker now we promised you a good day tucker thinks he can deliverer good morning. >> yeah, should be fine this morning. a few more clouds but temperatures back in the low 80s. current numbers, regan national 60s. 66 degrees now 61 fredericks burg, good morning you are the cool spot 57 ocean city, 56 degrees a little cooler down by the beaches this morning. and 63 winchester. all right looking at satellite radar i don't have a lot to talk about a few clouds, from
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shore a little bit of shower and thunderstorm activity, north and west, towards pittsburgh watching out towards the west win chester, maryland west virginia you have a better chance seeing a late afternoon shower thunder storm here in washington a few clouds will spill into the region but all in all a good looking sunny afternoon. 85 your daytime high, 1 degree warmer than yesterday. more details on the forecast coming up in a couple minutes we will look at the holiday weekend forecast, the beach forecast and we've got the possibility of not one but two tropical systems to keep an eye on coming up in a couple minutes. good morning julie. >> all right we are doing the bumper to bumper thing. very busy out here this morning tucker especially headed into northeast washington not only do we have trouble with the signal lights not working here along south dakota avenue at michigan you want to treat this as a 4 way stop but we had the
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crash kennel worth avenue, southbound pennsylvania, that is gone. crash bw parkway, 202, that cleared we are left with bump tore bumper traffic inbound. 410 out of river dale heading back towards kennel worth it is at a crawl, river dale headed into southeast washington wrapping it up other side of town coming from the west eastbound 66 stalled car here before nuttily street out of the roadway all four lanes open big delays headed from fair oaks that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. new this morning reports of shots fired at an off duty police officer. the prince georges county officer followed a speeding silver audi with connecticut license plates 2:30 a.m. and continued on to 270 northbound someone in that audi fired shots at the officers car and exited on route 21 before firing more shots as the
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vehicle continued northbound 270 no one was hurt the car got away last seen near the weigh station in hyatts town. president barack obama's one day delay of his jobs and economics speech will put him head to head with the nfl. >> the president agreed to schedule his address next thursday after the house speaker said no wednesday. sherry lee is live on capital hill. good morning president obama hasn't delivered his big jobs speech and it is already set off a political fire storm the president wanted to do the speech on wednesday, the house speaker said no and now the president has just backed down. on and on it goes, thousands line up at a job fair in los angeles and it is against backdrops like these president obama wants to address a joint session of congress but when? at first it was next wednesday,
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the same night republicans have a big debate planned. the first to include rick perry. was that a snub? at first the white house wouldn't back down. >> one debate of many on one channel of many, was not enough, to even not have the speech at the time that we decided to have it. >> reporter: but there is one problem the president needs an invitation to speak to congress, usually -- congress usually it is a matter of rue tone but this time john boehner put his foot down and only offered thursday opening night of the nfl season and now a political spat. the president and his team picked a night they knew was pretty much already taken on the other hand the history of these requests the president asks i want to come up on the state would you extend me an invitation he gets invited. >> reporter: not this time the president decided to wait until
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thursday and lost in all this, what, if anything to do, about millions of americans looking for work. of course the big complication for the white house is making sure all those football fans don't teen out to the president's speech, the white house is now working on a time that won't interfere with the game, between green bay and new orleans. that is the latest here oncapitol hill. >> now more on the fall out from irene, flood waters have taken over the streets in several northern new jersey towns homes, bridges desteve industried flooding so bad the -- destroyed, flooding so bad the president will tour the damage. >> folks are starting to rebuild their property and get their lives back to normal. aynsley with more. >> reporter: president barack obama is expected to travel to newier see sunday to survey
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damage from hurricane irene. he will tour the town of patterson where flooding continues to cause problems. governor christy is giving a glimmer of hope to those residents. >> all the rivers in new jersey have crested. >> reporter: relief is coming to other troubled areas the national guard is busy carrying food, blankets, tarps, drinking water to small towns entirely cut off. we are trying to get supplies over to some of the out lying towns which don't have road access at this time or limited. >> reporter: millions from north carolina through new england are still coping dealing for days without electricity in their homes and businesses. >> we threw away probably between 3 and $5,000 worth of refrigerated items. >> reporter: utility crews are doing all they can to get power restored. >> we are putting people on every hour of every day it could be as late as the weekend. >> reporter: meanwhile other areas are up and running trying
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to recoupe losses suffered by irene. 300 plus miles of our coastline is now open for business, in of our -- many of our beaches are open and will be for the holiday week and weekend. >> early estimates are in the billions fema left an 800 million in its disaster reserve. in new york, fox news. thank you in the meantime in the district clean up crews removed more than 267 tonnes of tree debris from city streets after the hurricane. dc department of public works says 12 tractor trailer loads were cleared more than 200 city worker were sent out to chop down trees and limbs. hurricane may have helped national park service discover more cracks in the washington monument. engineers sealed them but after the storm water was found inside the monument there were
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puddles on stairwells, towards the top of the structure, engineers are searching for the source of the leak but the monument is structurally sound. >> reporters will get to take a tour of damage at the national cathedral for the first time since the earthquake 9 days ago. it will keep the cathedral closed to the public for another week. the quake caused 3 of the 4 spires on the cathedral to break off there are cracks on the upper part of the inside of the building officials hope to reopen the church in time for commemorative events on the 10th anniversary of 9/11. increase in venomous snakebites in maryland has some wondering the mother nature is to blame three people in montgomery county recovering after being bit by copper heads while there is no concrete proof the recent earthquake and hurricane forced those snakes from the ground it is possible. one woman was trying to show a baby snake to her kids and didn't realize it was
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poisonous. >> one was shedding its skin which is cool had half the skin off so i thought it would be cool to show my kids so i picked it up, and i had gloves on and i was holding it for awhile. >> you can see a cute little thing except what my wife thought at the time. >> the treatment included 18 viles of anti venom. venomous snakebites are uncommon in maryland only between 2 and 6 a year for the entire state. an arue ban judge decided there is enough evidence to continue holding the gaithersburg native he will be locked up for 60 more days he and robin gardener went to aruba july 31st now he says she disappeared while they were snorkeling but her body has never been found at the end of the 60 days prosecutors asked
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the judge for an extend or detention or to bring him to trial he has not been charged. investigators in anne arundel county are trying to find the person involved in a deadly hit and run looking for this nissan path finder surveillance camera snapped the picture it has a broken front right fender and windshield on the passenger side was shattered. it hit a tow truck driver in glen bernie officers found the man, dead on the road. if you have information call anne arundel county police. 11 minutes past the hour as we approach the september 11th terror attacks. startling safety statistics coming up next. a capital hill landmark now it is closing its doors. sort of it we have that story for you coming up. >> hurricane irene not only leaving widespread damage to
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homes, roads and entire communities, but also revenue up next how much business our friends in ocean city lost. >> as we take you to break a live lookout side, we will get the latest weather and traffic from tucker and julie up next
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ocean city foulke a big hit to its -- took a big hit to its bottom line the comptrollers office estimated it lost more than 1 million in revenue, 150,000 in withholding taxes after the evacuation of the beach resort town. officials lost $60,000 in gas tax revenue and roughly 45000 in toll revenue because weekend
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trips of course were cancelled. we hope every body goes to ocean city this weekend. >> it will be busy this weekend. >> the weather will co-operate beaches will be nice ocean water is warm, just a great weekend. yeah, speaking of beaches and the tropics, we have not one but two possible storms we are watching. the peak of hurricane season september 9th we are getting close on the right-hand side of the screen that is hurricane kattia. we have viewers saying you are not getting it right. category one, 75 miles per hour. forecasted to become a major hurricane and generally parked north of cuba by early next week we will have to watch it but there are indications it may recurve and stay out to sea. that is good news. now west of florida, down in
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the gulf of mexico see that blob of clouds, that is becoming increasingly likely to be our next tropical depression, and that would be lee if that develops into a storm there are indications that will be a tropical storm if not a category one by the end of the weekend. even if they are in the that strong they can double out of range. we will see what happens this weekend. now local weather temperatures in washington ideal for this time of year, 60 baltimore, 66 washington. 63 winchester another nice day here a few more clouds than yesterday but all in all, our nice weather pattern continues, 85 this afternoon partly sunny dry, 85 tomorrow notably more humid, this weekend, summary highs mid-to upper 80s could be an afternoon storm each day if you have outdoor plans, generally a good weekend, isolated thunderstorm risk we get with typical summertime
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weather. thank you. hey julie. hey guys busy ride out there on the roads more trouble northeast washington we started off with a problem continuing to work southbound, that is where we had problems, kennel worth at pennsylvania all that has cleared lanes are open once again southbound 270, heavy volume kids back in school you are back to work and so long to our easy commute, traffic jammed up, headed southbound trying to get south of mda more cool traffic waiting, montrose headed out toward the lane divide. eastbound 66 all lanes open traffic is slowing as you travel in from monassis through centerville headed close in towards the capital belt way you will find delays southbound 95 and 295 coming in out of laurel, also find the accident activity we reported earlier,
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kennel worth at pennsylvania is gone they are checking for a new crash here at 50. already delays are forming on the bw parkway and out of river dale headed northeast. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> thank you place of capital hill history will be closing its doors soon it opened back in 1967. >> nearly every president since eisenhower has dropped in now the pub's owner is being forced out. stacy cohen has the story. >> okay everybody with a bar are we going to after the hawk and dove close? tune in, tune in. after more than 35 years of pouring beers here, james is looking for work. most hawk and dove staff have been here over a quarter century owner stuart long is scrambling to help his help as he lost his lease >> they found some body that would pay more basically they
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put me on the curb. >> aside from beerburgers it is known for its powerful patrons. a justice was a regular customer i had a beautiful waitress who worked for me he was in love with. sorry to hear that we hope something can continue but it should be the real hawk and dove. >> the heart of the hawk and dove is not just with power players but in their role as a heart of this community. not just losing a bar but a place where people come and socialize. conrad also drops by for free food. >> he never looked down on me because i was poor or homeless. >> whether you are in the white house or no house doesn't matter. >> you are welcome. >> but the bar is no longer welcome here and the final happy hour is one month away.
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for stuart long it may be one of the most unhappy hours of his life. >> sad. very sad. >> stacy cohen fox 5 news. the name hawk n was due to the vietnam war raging back in 1967, the new owner will renovate the pub and it will open under the same name. >> general patreus looking to not make excessive cuts in the coming year. he takes overas cia director next tuesday patreus says cuts can't be allowed to undermine versatility and flexibility u.s. forces have developed fighting worses simultaneously in iraq and afghanistan. nearly 10 years since 9/11 attacks emergency responders
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still can't communicate with each other over emergency radios. in all nine of 40 security recommendations made by the commission have not been fulfilled many americans stepped up to serve their country after the 9/11 attacks. we want to hear some of those stories on our facebook payable. 7:22 a.m. -- page. 7:22 a.m. on this thursday morning one man attacked with power lines what is more bazaar is person who committed the crime we have this story for you next. hurricane put a damper on fun last weekened make up for it this weekend at maryland state fair. what you can expect with holly, when fox 5 morning news continues
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being call add bizarre case of road rage silver spring man
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was assaulted by another driver who followed him ran into his car and got out picked up a live power line, and threw them at his vehicle. this happened intersection of brewster and worth avenue sunday the suspect is a dc lawyer out on reduced bond. alcohol may have been a factor. another strange attack in alexandria a federal law enforcement officer charged with assaulting a medic and police officer. investigators say julie lab choked the medic and kicked a police officer who was trying to restrain her it happened at a home on ties view court the medic and officer were responding to a call for a person hurt in a fall. in the meantime police in annapolis are looking for this man, joseph anthony isaac stabbed his brother during an argument over a video game he took off a warrant has been issued for his arrest. he is armed and dangerous his brother is expected to be okay. 7:26 a.m. this thursday morning white
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house backs down after john boehner tells president obama he will have to change the date for his jobs speech more on this and the weeks other political news next. >> as we head to the break a live lookout side the latest weather and traffic from tucker and julie next on this thursday morning
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>> not a lot of us get to do what we want to do but you got to do that yesterday steve. >> i got a chance to get on to the naval air station and get a chance to ride with the blue angels. unbelievable experience. >> i want to know when am i going to know more. >> tomorrow we will talk about it tomorrow jouster's you a little bit here that is me going straight up they can do 0 to 6,000 feet in about 30 seconds. >> unbelievable. >> yep. >> that is unbelievable this is something that i didn't misspeak you have always wanted
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to do. >> yes, always thought it would be cool to fly in a jet fighter but to fly with the blue angels is the best of the best absolute thrill plenty of ups and downs literally and figuratively but we will show you tomorrow. you can see the horizon. >> cool. >> my stomach moving around yeah, what a thrill thanks so much to the great folks down there blue angels are performing at the air show this weekend they came in early to give us a ride just fantastic if you get a chance go down there, down in st. mary's county saturday and sunday free parking and admission you have the run of the base and couple performances. >> we are sitting up there with maverick >> i know. >> i was goose sitting in the back. >> yeah, it didn't end well but much better for me. >> ice man. >> this you go. you need some cool
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sunglasses. >> music. well, they have visors, they could fly off your head. >> sure. >> but i had -- >> anything else go flying steve? >> we will talk about that tomorrow tucker wait and find out. >> that is fun. all right let me do the forecast i am sure i used up all my time. >> ice man used up all your time. >> steve, it is a complicated forecast he returns this -- heat returns this weekend we will get more summery, it will be back not with avengeance, upper 80s with humidity, and possibility of an afternoon thunderstorm as well that will be going back in the forecast not today, today just another quiet fall like day. 66 regan national, 57 leonard town, what a nice start to the morning, 56 out of dulles, temperatures as the kids are headed out to the bus stop we will expect temperatures back
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in the mid-08s a few more -- 08s. -- 80s a few more clouds in the forecast. your seasonal ride, nothing here in washington a little bit of cloudiness. thunderstorm activity hanging out later tonight and early this morning and computer models are trying to throw the thunderstorm activity out to the west. if you are watching out in west virginia, western maryland you might see a shower or thunderstorm later this afternoon here in washington the cloud cover spills into the region and we will go to mix of sun and clouds all in all a nice forecast another quiet day as we begin september. 85 partly sunny skies humidity low side one more day winds have shifted out of the south, 5 miles per hour could be a sprinkle or shower best chance west of the city, 60 overnight low. winds out of the south your 5 day forecast again i mention we get more summery, tomorrow humidity on the increase, 58 saturday, sunday, monday these are not wash outs not like
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hurricane irene last weekend just the possibility of a pop up storm each afternoon most of each day should be dry with a scattered storm during the afternoon. let's look at weather julie has your latest everyone is going back to school and work. >> everybody is back in the swing of it which explains the traffic patterns on the road heavy and steady if you are travelling southbound 270, big delays, headed out toward, mda. the good news all of your lanes are open travelling south 270, right into that sunshine delays monassis teentsier vile the car -- centerville the car stalled on the right lane now on the shoulder. 50 headed out towards pennsylvania avenue, inbound new york avenue as you approach new jersey that is where we have a stalled car tieing up the roadway causing delays as you travel in, 9th street
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headed toward the tunnel that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> thank you. all right let's talk politics president obama forced to delay his speech by one day house republicans plan on taking on the obama job destroying regulations when they reconvene after labor day. let's talk about these now political headlines with marty russo, democrat from illinois and robert walker former republican congressman from pennsylvania. good to see you this is like natural disasters week here. dealing with everything now more fireworks in congress than the white house let's talk about the president's speech this is a long awaited speech marty you are closest to me let me get your reaction first of all the president saying he would change the date of his speech, john boehner said republicans had preplanned the debate going on and didn't want to have to change things. should the president have caved in or is it a cave move?
7:36 am
>> well, first of all i think it is wrong with washington silly season is just starting all over again this is the president of the united states whether you like him respect him it is the office we should be respecting it has never happened in the history of the country the president made a request and been turned down he ought to give the speech from the oval office on a day he wants to give it and talk about jobtalk about his whole program and i hope it is more than just his old budget story e gets -- he gets bold and lays it out i am willing to take on congress to put america back the work. i think it is a sad day that we would trivialize the president's speech on jobs, he should just give it from the oval office. >> before we get to your response marty what would have happened if he went ahead and did this and just said i am going to give this speech and
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if republicans don't show up they don't show up would that be a possibility? >> no, he has to be invited by the leader of the house and senate to come and speak. >> so if he speaks at the white house instead? >> well, i think that is what he should have done once he got turned down he said fine i will give it from the oval office never accommodate them because they can't meet the time table just do it. >> does this show strength for republicans? >> what happened here i am one who believes in regular order regarder in this case the president should have informed the speaker and majority leader he wanted to come to capital hill 13 set a mutual -- and set a mutual date instead of just saying i am coming on this date and then if he would have been accommodated it would have been negotiated you can always do it from the oval office he controls that on capitol hill as marty says he has to be invited. the regular order wasn't followed here it should have been, it is the kind of
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accommodation that allows the two branches to work together. i think the more important thing about the president's speech he raised the stakes on this speech tremendously saying he is coming to capitol hill this is the equivalent of roosevelt coming before the congress declaring war on japan and germany beginning of world war ii he better say something really important, in this speech, and it had better not be a partisan speech otherwise it is going to be seen as strictly a partisan -- a political move on his part and a disaster. >> going back, as the date changed, the president saying i am not going to give the speech from the oval office saying i will still give it in congress but concede to republican wishes and give it on a different date does that add strength to the party. >> if you read what the speaker said in his letter the real problem was he wented to do it on the day they were coming back. getting all security
7:39 am
arrangements done and doing all those kinds of things necessary to sweep the chamber and do everything necessary for a state of the union message wasn't something they felt they could accommodate, so you know again if they had followed regular procedureso on we never would have had this dust up. >> the sad thing is we are spending so much time on debate we ought to spend time on the message i hope between now and when he gives the speech we spend no what day he gives it on but the substance of the speech that is the most important mart it is amaze -- part it is amazing how we put so much on things that are trivial in nature. >> i am not trying to trivialize it. >> i am not saying you are. >> but now you are up against another obstacle, the start of the nfl season inside the belt way people may pay attention
7:40 am
but outside the belt way a lot of the american public will say let's get it going, so we can get on with the football game. >> that is a sad commentary about the american people if that is their attitude. >> that is what you are reading these days look at the nfl approval rating 90% and congress 19% that is where it is it is unfortunate my point is now moving the date that is just another obstacle you are up against. >> it goes then to the content of the speech it better be a very very important speech better have something in it that unites the country, around a jobs program, because if it doesn't he has raised the stakes to such an extent right now, that he has the potential there will be a wave of huge dispointment. >> let's talk about that real quick people are saying the
7:41 am
monthly unemployment report, it is not expected to be where people hoped it was what can the president say to make us feel better where we are now. >> first of all, look just given all that disasters that we visited last couple weeks, we need to rebuild infrastructure in this country it is something we have been talking about, bob and i were in congress we never make the commitment long term we do five year bills, six year bills doesn't cover all the problems. we need to have a consistent message about fixing our infrastructure, spending dollars on education, we ought to be able to -- we are competing in a world market today and our education scores are not going up they are going down. we are bad in terms of science and technology, the big growth area we ought to spend some money there at the same time you know making sure we fix our country up if we can go around the world and fix other countries when they have a problem why can't we fix our own. why isn't that a priority.
7:42 am
based on the money, the federal government has to pep in and create jobs >> can -- step in and create jobs. >> we have to get away from the governments and government spending can fix the jobs. it is small businesses in this country that create jobs they are under tremendous burdens, from regulation, litigation, taxation and so on the president has to say something in this speech how we are going to eliminate some burdens we have put on business that stop them from hiring for example he has literally hundreds of billions of dollars worth of regulations that are going to be imposed on businesses over the next few months those regulations and the anticipation of those is what is causing a lot of businesses to hold on to resources rather than produce jobs this country needs. >> we are running way overtime now we could talk about this for hours and hours hopefully we get the chance to save some for next week and talk about the gop 2012 because rick perry is making a strong run.
7:43 am
i for one am interested to hear what the president has to say and watching football next thursday hopefully good news on both fronts, take a short break back with more after this aiscs/w g ?céa3f?
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well, we want to get right to weather right now and tucker barnes is sitting here with us. hi tucker. >> alison good to see you. >> fantastic day >> should be nice plenty of sunshine a few more clouds than yesterday won't be perfectly sunny but with temperatures low to mid-08s hue -- 80s. humidity not bad. >> the humid break has been great. >> some people like julie bright are not done with summer yet. >> let's get to it look at these numbers comfortable regan national area wide parts of the region falling back to the 50s. still hanging out to 50s. gaiters burg. 50 martins burg, fredericks burg if couldn't haven't left for school maybe a long sleeved
7:47 am
shirt. highs as mentioned back in the 80s. 69 current temperature new york city 64 boston, chicago 72 warmer air will start to get in south and west over the next couple days as our area of high pressure delivering the fantastic weather slips up the coast. quiet conditions across the mid- atlantic a few thunderstorms rumbling up across pennsylvania, some of that cloud cover will have a tendency to fall back into the washington area. partly to mostly sunny conditions a nice afternoon highs mid-80s. there is your 5 day 85 tomorrow notably more summary around here saturday, sunday and monday more humidity and a chance for an afternoon thunderstorm each day not going to rain all weekend, plans to go to the beach, baseball, soccer. >> cook out. >> cook out. >> all right thanks tucker. >> yep. >> let's get now to julie wright with a look -- wright with a look at traffic. >> everyone is back to work and
7:48 am
school we are talking about this all week long a change in traffic patterns this happens to be the commute southbound 270, headed past mda remains heavy, slow, steady down to the belt way 66 closed in delays leaving fair oaks, headed eastbound 123, past nuttily we had a stalled car in the roadway that activity has cleared, braddock road up to 66, southbound ken nil worth avenue, delays. no if we can map this out, problems travelling southbound 95, out of howard county working your way down toward the capital belt way, delays 198 and the belt way, 10 minute trip that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. enjoy your labor day weekend with a night at the maryland state fair. >> holly is live at the fair grounds, hanging out with new friends don't forget us. >> reporter: okay listen i
7:49 am
won't forget you. did you ever thing you would find the story of the three little pigs at the maryland state fair it is true look at that one, two, three little bigs here in the birthing center where we are live. they are too cute for words, of course this is just one of the many highlights here if you come out for the final weekend of the fair we will tell you why you don't want to miss it live next, stay with us
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>> maryland state fair going on this weekend. >> holly is live at the state fair grounds, finding out what the big event has to offer. what doesn't it is the question. >> reporter: yeah, i think you are exactly right it has to offer a lot a half million people come to this fair each and every year it is an 11 day event and wraps up this weekend they are going out in a big way. grove mill certificate chairman good morning -- miller is
7:53 am
chairman good morning. good morning. so how has it been going so far. >> well, after the weekend it has been going great really we did the hurricane special with admitting one person and the second person is free it worked out very well monday and tuesday when schools were closed yesterday, was a good day not as good as monday and tuesday but we just had good crowds. >> those kids had to go back to school. >> what big things do you have planned for the weekend? >> we have two concerts coming up, and we've got -- i couldn't think of the name. >> blake shelton. and a band i can't remember that. >> lying low or something a local band. >> yeah, we are looking forward to good crowds for that. it could be, we hope, and of course labor day weekend is always a big weekend for us if the weather holds we will do well. >> well, we will keep our fingers crossed it will.
7:54 am
we are always happy today speaking of labor day let's head over to the birthing center that is a big part of the tour if you come out here i am making my way to tom the birthing center director they said holly you are going to the birthing center i said i am not due until the 1st of december oh wait they are not talking about me we are talking about the baby animals. >> we have six cows going to give birth in the next few daya pig that is in labor. we are going to take a look at some that made their way to the fair. >> you can hear them feeding in the background. >> tell me about these. >> this litter was born before the mama came to the fair they are about 9 days old now, there is 12 of them nursing now. >> wow they are hungry look at that feeding time. give me some milk well, here is one that is a little calmer,
7:55 am
madson what have you got? >> a little pig let. >> what can you tell me? >> he is sleeping. >> all cuddled in your arms. >> you are comfortable around animals you like the whole farm thing. >> yeah. >> why? >> well, i just grew up with animals. >> it is just what you know so how -- you just naturally know how to hold a little pig like that. >> i learned. >> what do you have to keep in mind holding a pig let. >> if they wiggle you hold them by the bag leg >> it is okay if they -- back leg. >> it is okay if they squeal we are not hurting them that is what they do. >> over there tom that one gave birth during hurricane irene. >> that litter was born saturday night we were here while the wind was blowing. >> please tell me you named at least one of them irene. >> and cavs here was named irene. >> there is a lot of irenes here running around. >> too cute you mentioned the pig in labor we will make our way over there. why do you think this is so
7:56 am
important to have this birthing center vailable to people. >> there is so many people who have no direct connection with farms now and don't get to see things that happen every day that are routine for us that live on a farm and births are one of those dramatic things everybody can associate with, and people just really enjoy seeing a natural thing happen. >> so this pig right here is in labor as we speak. >> she is. >> bless your heart. >> she will give birth today the fair is open 10-10 if people are here and labor begins they can stay until it is done even if it is 2:00 a.m. >> i guess she is nesting right? >> yes she will work very hard today, pulling shavings together to build a bowl shaped nest. >> fascinating. >> then she will be done and this will be available for me in december. >> and actually we have six cows that will beat you to it. >> all of this is reason for you to come out to the fair if you want to keep updated on the birthing center they do updates on facebook and twitter
7:57 am our website we have a link to maryland state fair runs through monday labor day, in our next hour from the birthing center to the batting cages that is what we are going to check out next. >> cool holly thank you very much. >> also another after shake this morning, we will talk about it at 8:00 a.m. >> many states still dealing with major flooding after hurricane irene the president making a trip to one hard hit state this weekend we have more on the storm's aftermath coming up
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
after shocks woke up residents of virginia and maryland. >> we will let you know how strong it was and when it hit >> wild scene on 270 overnight, reports from an off duty police officer saying he was shot at several times by someone in a speeding car. >> jennifer. 9/11 commission members say there are still gaping holes in nations security, 10 years after the 9/11 attacks. details coming up. >> thank you good morning thanks for being with us this thursday morning i am steve.
8:01 am
i am alison before we get to that we want to let you know the school situation students in calvert and st. mary's county will return to class on time. prince georges county all schools are open on time except glen arden wood elementary which will remain closed. you can see from this video just in to our newsroom exactly why a large tree is down near the school, bge crews are on scene this morning. >> anne arundel has seven schools closed because of no power see that list on now as far as today, it should be a nice day are we still keeping humidity low. >> one more day of that and as we get into tomorrow, you will notice humidity creeping back those of you not done with summertime yet we will have one more nice weekend and then fall, by middle of next week high temperatures low 70s. >> come on. falling fast. >> you got it.
8:02 am
hd radar cloud cover off to the north and west pretty good thunderstorms, rolling east of pittsburgh some of that cloud cover will get in here later we will not be perfectly sunny but partly to mostly season any conditions. it should feel good around here temperature regan national, 66 degrees, humidity 78% winds out of the south and west at 5, our forecast today, more nice weather expected plenty of sunshine, at least for the first part of the day clouds move in later highs mid-08s again no -- 08s. a-- 80s. again no rain today. >> thank you tucker. >> let's check with julie wright. hi julie. >> you want to see traffic honey i got it for you. bump you are to bumper leaving 650 new hampshire avenue all this slow traffic continues around silver spring. we are home from vacation and bumper to bumper slow. 198 out of laurel headed to the belt way volume increasing as you travel across the american
8:03 am
legion bridge. leaving the inner loop to robertson terminal, wall to wall traffic outer loop into the sunshine slow as you leave the springfield interchange. continuing towards telegraph road. a crash for those continuing in virginia southbound 70, 100 hudson boulevard left side of the roadblocked off there. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. developing story from maryland, shots fired at an off duty police officer, prince georges county officer followed a speeding silver audi with connecticut tags on the outer loop of the belt way 2:30 a.m. this morning that continued into northbound 270 someone in the audi fired off several shots at the officers car then exited, at route 121 then fired off more shots as the vehicle continued northbound 270, no one was hurt the audi was last seen near the weigh station,
8:04 am
hyatts town maryland. >> another after shock rocked mineral virginia 3.4 magnitude after shock happened 5:09 a.m. some of our facebook fans felt it in fairfax, ash burn and rockville maryland. to the latest on hurricane irene, power is back on to almost everyone in the washington area, dominion power said it restored power to all customers, pepco has less than 150 customers in the dark, bge and smeco which had the most outages still have 100,000 customers without power between the two. to vermont, national guard reached mountain communities cut off since irene hit and delivered supplies. >> to new jersey it is still water logged president barack obama will visit the town of patterson sunday to see the flooding, first hand and survey damage. hurricane irene may have helped uncover more cracks in
8:05 am
the washington monument caused by the 5 .8 magnitude quake. engineers felt the cracks from august 23rd, water was found inside after the hurricane. puddles on stairwells toward the top of the monuments. the monument is structurally sound. mitt call sparring continues democrats claim eric canter and other lawmakers are holding up disaster relief funds for hurricane irene victimwill only approve federal money if offset by more spending cuts, canter denies using budget concerns as a bargaining chip he maintains funds will be there for victims. president has not yet delivered his big job, it touched off a storm on capital hill. sherry. well, steve it seems the white house and congressional republicans, can't agree on
8:06 am
even the simplest things, this times the the president's choice of a date to deliver and address joint session of congress normally this is a routine matter, but not this time. the president sent a letter to the house speaker asking to aggress congress next wednesday the only problem long announced republican presidential debate happens to be scheduled for the very same night as the president's requested time the speech threatened to up stage that john boehner offered the following night thursday that date perhaps ill timed too so happens to be the opening night of nfl a night when a huge football audience might tune out the president's speech. white house backed down the president agreed to change the date insisting it was always about rescuing the economy not politics. i can honestly tell you and again we -- this is about the president addressing the
8:07 am
american economy. >> do you think there is mischief up here. >> sure why else would he choose 8:00 p.m. wednesday. >> in a statement following the decision, the white house press secretary explained the decision in part saying both houses will be back in session after their august recess on wednesday, september 7th. so that was the date requested. we consulted with the speaker about that date before the letter was released but he determined thursday would work better. now white house officials now say they are working on a time for this speech that won't conflict with the football game, the last time the president used this type of venue was to save his health care plan. that is the latest here on capitol hill back to you. sherry thank you alison. steve, some disturbing details coming to light days before the 10th anniversary of september 11th attacks 9/11 commission released a new
8:08 am
report highlights security recommendations that still have not been melt. jennifer davis -- met jennifer davis has the story. >> we are not as secure yet as we can, or as we should be. >> reporter: members of the 9/11 commission say as we approach the 10th anniversary of the worst attacks on u.s. soilpotentially devastating gaps remain. something that is are so obvious have not been achieved. >> the group released a new report card sharing 9 of 40 recommendations remain unfulfilled. >> if it takes us 10 years to deliberate and consider those pending recommendations, how do we stay ahead of the terrorists. >> members say airport security and border screening remain inadequate and the u.s. explosive detection system falls short there is no consistent policy to detain and prosecute alleged terrorists and they are concerned first
8:09 am
responders don't have a secure way to communicate with other agencies in the field. >> ten years we still can't talk to each other when disaster strikes. commissioners say while politicians agree publicly they have not followed through on all change it is white house press secretary suggests all suggestions have been implemented the one that is haven't remain complicated. >> some have to do with structure and will require congressional actions to change. >> they took congress to task saying lawmakers failed to set aside a radios for public safety. in washington jennifer davis fox news. >> 9/11 commissioners say there have been improvements this last decade they applaud new york city for making a number of changes to step up its security. >> we are going to check other
8:10 am
stories making headlines. >> plus move into the smart phone zone to check out an ap that makes it easier to pay for parking. fox 5 morning news will be right back 9 minutes after the hour now
8:11 am
y aouewti
8:12 am
8:13 am
the scene this thursday morning we know the identity of the man whose body was found in this car in prince georges county. the report of a fire, a 34-year- old man whose body was burned beyond recognition the car was destroyed detectives are investigating this as a murder. >> investigators looking for this nissan path finder it hit and kill add tow truck driver route 100 august 24th surveillance camera took this picture of the suv it has damage to the right front side if you have information call anne arundel county police. silver spring a man said he was assaulted by another driver
8:14 am
who followed him rammed into his car and then the man claims he got out picked up live power linesome how threw them at the vehicle this happened near the intersection of brewster and worth avenue sunday the suspect is a dc lawyer he is out on reduced bond. it is just about 8:14 a.m. on thursday morning time to get another check of weather. >> and a little bonus from tucker barnes. yeah, coolness factor of the day you know what times the time for my first 5 photo this is 1-year-old dominic. >> look at all that hair. >> that is beautiful hair. >> gorgeous head of hair. >> all right there is more sorry tucker. >> all righty here is the bottom line everybody he wants to know if he should let his hair grow out or let it all go. >> let it grow baby. >> did he really ask that question? >> maybe mom and dad someone in the family is asking the question. >> man he is so cute
8:15 am
>> that hair is too cute to let go. >> let him do some commercials or print ads or something first. >> it is harder to maintain when it gets longer. >> i understand but let it go. >> when you are one. >> you are running around. >> you got to be careful. >> to submit your child's picture go to click on the morning tab we would love to have your child's picture here. >> all right let's talk weather down to the tropics a couple features for you that is kattia on your right yes, i am trying my best to pronounce that name correctly category one hurricane likely to become major over the next several days tracking north of puerto rico north of haiti and the dominican republic and winds by then will probably be in 120 to 130 miles per hour. got to watch that carefully although right now there are a few indications, it may stay out to sea. a little closer to home
8:16 am
west of florida, that area of cloudiness, national hurricane center thinking that will become a tropical depression, and that could become a strong tropical storm next couple days not just wind this will be very heavy rain we got to see if that develops likely lee that will develop later this week into the weekend. >> local weather we are doing just fine lots of sunshine expected next several hours, dry weather our sunny streak continues, high mid-08s. 69 regan national ocean city good morning, here is the forecast today next 5 days, 85 this afternoon could be a sprinkle or shower tonight best chance of that west of the city 85 tomorrow notably more humid isolated and or scattered thunderstorm each afternoon again much of the weekend, most of the weekend dry we will see possibility of thunderstorms around here saturday, sunday and holiday monday. >> that is a look at the
8:17 am
forecast, back to school back to work. >> absolutely traffic is all backed up because of all of this we have bumper to bumper traffic if you guys are commuting southbound baltimore washington parkway, 198, a 22 minute trip, no accident, just volume delays, i-95, the trip continues, 198 to the belt way all lanes are open continuing around the belt way 95 georgia avenue lanes open southbound 270 heavy and steady, down toward it is lane divide 66 wall to wall traffic coming from centerville, past fair oaks continue east toward the belt way toll road near the toll plaza whatever they were checking there is not found inbound new york avenue coming past north capitol street headed out towards the can be knell, gain incident free. thank you. parking garagetheme parks two topics in the smart phone zone.
8:18 am
>> one i like you have to live with it one i love. lauren is here live in studio can you guess which one i love. >> that is okay we will help you out with the one you just like. a new option for some drivers in washington alison you will notice all those pay by phone options and parking meters around town in bethesda they are trying out a smart phone ap thatmakes it more convenient park now is the ap. every time you park you top ap scan the qr code on the meter that bar code on the meter and it deducts from your account the pilot program under way in one popular bethesda garage between core dell and st. elmo entrances on both sides we found some drivers who have used the recently implemented pay by phone option their
8:19 am
feeling is that there are too many steps involved folks were interested in the brand new ap particularly the younger drivers so we will see if that takes off. >> past week or so has been kind of stressful we had earthquakes, hurricanes we need happy news that made me thing of the happiest place on earth theme parks in general if you are heading to disney world any time soon there is an ap for that in fact a bunch they range from free to $11 i am highlights one put out by disney available on the verizon market called mobile magic it is free there are a bunch of helpful features including current wait times for rides in the park and also locate live disney characterses to take the kids for autographs closer to home busch gardens has a similar ap and kings dominion that of course the closest park to us on the list there. the ap is called my park and the creators say you can use the gps to easily locate rides,
8:20 am
atms. restrooms you can also mark your location of your car in the parking lot to find it easier and the ap helps you avoid wasting time looking around if you get separated from your friends. all of your friends can join the group as you are walking around the park if you get split up look it up and find where they are in the park in relation to you that whole geo mapping feature on there. >> the kings dominion ap is also free, last check that one does not give information on the wait times at rides but hopefully they are listening and will think about adding that feature soon. >> find more on all of these apes at just click on the morning page for the smart phone zone, and don't forget to send in your suggestions i love getting those in e-mail me let me know if there is an ap you would like me to cover back to you. great advice.
8:21 am
>> all right. >> 8:20 a.m. on thursday morning unusual warning after the hurricane to be on the lookout for poisonous snakes. hear from one woman who had a rather unfortunate encounter with one. >> up close and personal. later this morning live at the maryland state fair. fox 5 morning news will be right back
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
increase in venomous snakebites in maryland has some wondering if mother nature is to blame. three people in montgomery county recovering after being bitten by copper heads. while there is no concrete proof recent rain and earthquakes forced them from the ground doctors says the possible. one woman was trying to show a baby snake to her children when she was bit. >> fear set in at the hospital. >> i was calmer and then just waiting to see if the snake was poisonous or not and if the medicine would work it was scary. people do get snakebites. it is scary. >> the treatment included 18 viles of anti venom, venomous snakebites are fairly uncommon
8:25 am
in maryland but the state department of health says only 2 to 6 per year there are only two poisonous snakes found in maryland, copper head and timber rattlesnake. >> it is illegal to feed deer in virginia. the feeding ban runs through the first week in january pry pairly overlap -- primarily overlaps hunting season when conflict can occur between hunterpeople who put out feed for deer to enjoy. former price is right host bob barker fighting to save the deer in rockville maryland he is urging city residents to fight an organized deer hunt planned to keep the deer under control his letter reads in part any method of killing deer is inhumane. it concerns me the only way we can solve our deer population would be to knock them all off.
8:26 am
we are humans, we ought to have a better way of controlling things. the proposed hunt is facing another big obstacle the law rockville city ordinance does not allow people to discharge firearms within city limits. 8:26 a.m., new today, word of recall of something that could be found in your backyard. >> details when we come back. decades of conflict and a famine sweep across somalia. i am in new york and will have more on what the united nations is doing to help.
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
officials with the united nations arrived in somalia. >> they are there to look at aid and take a look at the drought first hand. aiynsley has the latest on what is being done to help those in need. >> reporter: a devastating drought leaves millions in the african nation of somalia in dire need of food and water.
8:30 am
>> i have eight children and do not have food to feed them. >> reporter: weather conditions have lead to the worst drought in 60 years, many have left rural areas and traveled to the nations capital seeking international aid. i left my children back at home as they were too weak to walk with me. >> reporter: united nations high commissioner for refugees arrived wednesday, seeing the danger the country faces first hand. they warn millions will die of starvation if more is not done to help. >> we all need to put together effort, un effort, ngo. >> reporter: a large number of somalis have fled to other countries to seek asylum from militant rebels who have taken control of huge swaths of the country. mr. gutierrez says they must do more to protect refugees. >> we are supporting 900,000 somali refugees around the world but don't want to empty somalia, don't want to protect
8:31 am
only the refugees, it is essential to draw attention of the international money tie to support zonal -- to support those inside. >> it has killed over a million children under the age of 5 in the past three months. checking headlines on this thursday morning annapolis police looking for this man. he stabbed his brother during an argument over a video game and took off police say he could be armed. the victim is expected to be okay. college student from german town maryland will be laid to rest 22-year-old derek collapsed on a practice field, august 22nd and passed away sunday. fox 5 learned there may have been some sort of helmet to hell net collision with another player. >> public can pay respect to an
8:32 am
influential dc council woman who fought for the poor. nadiane winter passed away last friday she will lie in repose today 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. here is a question do you consider yourself a weather wimp? do you hide from snow? >> the farmers almanac says we all are the nations capital cannot hold what mother nature throws at it. that is true. >> thank you alison. dc is number one what landed us the title? 2009/2010 snow mageddon. >>ly argue against that. we do okay with the big storms to me it is the little things that shut everything down.
8:33 am
>> ice. a little ice a lot of rain on the belt way that kind of thing. i would agree. >> alison you waited for me to go off for weeks. >> we are tougher than any other city in the country. we put up with everything, it goes from 0 degrees to 100 degrees, severe thunderstorms, hurricanes blizzards we have it all here. >> you tell me my people in my neighbourhood are not tough we didn't have electricity three days. >> didn't you all start cannibalizing each other. >> well, there is that. this is what we are talking about. if you are tough about it -- >> yeah. >> hey. >> you are not -- okay. but we would say -- i do think we -- >> that is my point, the complainting and everything else we don't just deal with things we make a big deal about them. >> and don't know how to drive necessarily. >> would you agree. >> we can't drive on a sunny day when it is 75 out of course the rain and snow but go to
8:34 am
l.a. or san diego. >> they just deal with it. >> rain is like headline news for two weeks. >> but then when there is a earthquake they are like okay. >> we put h them here more often than l.a. and san diego. >> no one could figure out how to get out of town. >> yeah. >> and we were all supposed to stay inside and ran outside. >> see the grid lock it is kind of a mess. >> we put up with more than any other city in the country. >> we do have a lot i will not disagree with that. >> we are including ourselves. >> i say that because i hope we can continue to learn how to handle it better. >> i know we are out of time but i am seeing so many horse flies and like the snakes that kicked up from the earthquake a lot of stuff resting. >> like the mushrooms. >> like the mushrooms from the hurricane. it is a crazy time. >> it is. >> more on horse flies coming
8:35 am
up. >> no cannibalism. >> a non-wimpy forecast please. later today, sunshine temperatures in the 80s. right now, in the 60s. gaithersburg 62, back in the 50s off to the north and west, no need to complain, washington looks great south and east, salisbury, ocean city, going to the beaches this weekend to enjoy one last weekend of the summer i think it will be fine maybe a thunderstorm thursday and friday. a little cloud cover and pretty good storms north and west, the clouds probably will get this here after a lot of sunshine we will be partly cloudy this afternoon. partly sunny skies officially humidity stays low, 85 daytime high winds out of the south 5 miles per hour. partly cloudy, best chance for showers maybe a thunderstorm west of the city 20% chance
8:36 am
out towards martins burg or win chester you might see a shower. 66 your overnight low your 5 day forecast, a little more humidity, thunderstorm in the forecast, saturday, sunday, monday, isolated, most of the weekend will be just fine outdoor plans, barbecues, that kind of thing most things should go off without any problems. >> toss it back to alison and steve. two other wimps. >> thank you so very much. >> it is so not true. >> 8:36 a.m. weekly jobless claims just coming into the newsroom they may not be as powerful as people were hoping. >> stay with us
8:37 am
8:38 am
sed .
8:39 am
weekly jobless claims just in to fox 5 newsroom. fewer people applied for unemployment benefits. labor department says weekly applications fell 12,000 to seasonally adjusted 9,000. the first decline in some three weeks. the jobs report coming in tomorrow may show otherwise. >> if you are looking for work don't forget our job shop, looking for a police officer pay between 47 and $54,000 a year. for more on this job and many others go to click
8:40 am
on the job shop tab top of the home page. >> backyard burn hazard that is what the government is warning about this morning. ten companies recalling two million bottles of jugs of gel fuel used in outdoor decorations known as fire pots you are looking at one there an example of one there is apparently a risk of serious burn consumer product safety commission says the fuel has been linked to several dozen injuries when users couldn't tell whether the flame was out. the list of companies recalling the gel fuel are on our website look for the recall information under the money tab. all right stay safe this labor day 8:40 a.m. on thursday morning. >> you might pack one for yourself maybe for your kiddies we are talking about sack lunches but there is a risk it could make you sick. >> oh. >> yep the fox medical team joins us just in time for the beginning of school. >> holly good morning. >> good morning let's see
8:41 am
funnel cake, farm animals and fastballs find that too here at the maryland state fair let's see it. where we are live this morning. >> you are supposed to hit the glove. >> the fair runs through monday labor day there is lots of action, for you to come out and enjoy it. plus show you a thousand pound pig all next on fox 5 morning news. >> want me to show you how it is done? >> yep
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
if you have been following the u.s. open, tennis star venus williams had to with draw because of chagrins syndrome she was diagnosed with the auto immune disease symptoms include dry eyes, dry mouth and pain. as many as 4 million americans are liveling with it. >> babies born in cuba poland and malaysia have a better chance of survival than newborns here in the u.s. researchers studied 20 years of
8:45 am
data from the world health organization, newborn death rate in the united states is on par with qatar croatia and the united arab emirates the u.s. is not making the same amount of progress as other nations. a lot of us go the extra mile to make sure our kids eat healthy but some new safety concerns may have you thinking lunch box cuisine. the problem fresh food can spoil. the fox medical team went shopping for easy solutions good morning dr. joe. good morning kids are heading back to school this becomes important some of those sack lunches can reach dangerously high temperatures and set your kid up for tummy troubles or something more serious. tara knows all about school lunches. she packs three a day. >> well, of course they love
8:46 am
their pbj and we give them grapes and yoghurt. >> reporter: along with the food she adds an ice pack >> we have been outside 3 hours this is still really cool nothing has felt too warm. >> but is it cold enough? according to a new study of texas preschoolers more than 98% of lunches packed with perishable food were above safe zone temperatures. >> i was not only surprised but disturbed. >> registered dietician says perishable food items usually come from animals. >> think meat, dairy, eggs, poultry and fish. so you have to remember foods like mayonnaise contain eggs. >> plant based foods like fruits and vegetables are generally safe. >> apple slices, you know baby carrots, celery sticks, orange slices,. >> but when it comes to protein we usually thing of deli meat or dairy but there are plant based alternatives like peanut
8:47 am
butter tree nuts and seeds. >> sun flower seeds, pistachio those are great sources of minerals. hummus is another option. >> ideal with vegetables, crackers, chips, bread use it as a spread and it will last longer than mayonnaise. >> although an ice pack is no guarantee when packed properly some dairy products might be okay. this may be relatively safe, it will be safer because individually wrapped and because cheese has healthy bacteria in it it will last a little longer than a perishable food item like milk. >> tear are says her kids and lunches have been problem free. >> they have not got sick at all. >> she plans to do everything in her power to keep it that way. now as for food safety, well, none of these kids got sick i think these researchers
8:48 am
have more homework to do but if your child has immune problems ask your teacher if you can directly refrigerate perishable items. >> we are always talking about good cholesterol and bad cholesterol i heard this week there are foods that promote good cholesterol can you tell us about that? >> yeah, that is a great study by changing diet these are people with moderately high cholesterol that didn't have any serious risk factors they were able to reduce the ldl cholesterol by 13 to 14%, soy included soy milk and tofu, nuts that can be peanuts almonds, the third thing was soluble fiber including cillium in metamucil and oats and barly and plant sterol esters. you can look on mark runs and see that is in the -- mar
8:49 am
jerries and see that is in the product itself. trying to eat our way to lower ldl thank you so much. plenty of good food alison at the maryland state fair and a lot of entertainment including performances by blake shelton and all time low. holly is learning more about that which the fair continues only through labor day good morning. >> reporter: good morning last hour we showed you cute little baby pigs this hour we thought we would show you the exact opposite of that a 1,001-pound pig. i am not talking about you dave. we don't want to forget that extra 1 pound david here tell us a little more about bowser that is one big pig. >> very big. >> what is he? >> jurrock. >> do they usually get that big? >> only if you use them for
8:50 am
breeding. >> he is four and a half. >> it is okay for him to weigh that. >> yes, they get bigger. >> you are using him for breeding. >> yes >> i am sure he shows the ladies so how much does he eat? >> 5 pounds a day so he don't get over weight. >> so the owner is trying to maintain 1,001 pounds. >> yes. >> i am assuming this is quite the attraction. >> very much so. >> what does he do all day other than eat. >> sleep. >> eat and sleep. >> then when he is needed he does the other. >> yeah, we will just leave it at the other. so what is the biggest intrigue from people when they come up to see bowser. >> how big he is they take a lot of pictures. >> is he friendly? >> yes. >> is he happy? i am worried about his well being. >> very happy. >> well he eatsleeps and does the other that is not a bad
8:51 am
life does he like interaction? does he mind people? >> not at all. i don't think his snout has been out of the -- since we have been here. >> he don't mind you at all being here. >> thank you dave he doesn't mind us being here and would love for you to come out and see him and he will be here through monday, as the fair is an 11 day event this is their last big push for labor day weekend the thing is they took a hit with hurricane irene they are hoping people are going to come on out and celebrate their holiday weekend here and right when you get done seeing bowser you can come over here and try your hand at a fastball or two with the help of zach johnson who has a connection to pigs too you are the what? >> i am the swine master. >> the swine master. >> racing pig show mc. >> you have racing pigs. >> yes. >> and also bat man. >> yes. >> but we are not batting. >> we are pitch men.
8:52 am
>> we are the pitch men. >> you have a lot of names >> i do. >> give me your pitch here on this game. four balls, got to hit the catchers mitt thee out of four times do you want to pitch today. >> yeah, i do i don't know if i have ever pitched in my life. >> in the words of chevy chase be the ball. >> be the ball. >> is this the diof major league. >> that is little league 40 feet. >> oh, i only do majors. just kidding. okay so here we go and oh. >> a little bit outside. >> what is the big thing to win. >> baseball jerseys. we have orioles, even those dreaded yankees. >> do you have nationals. >> we do. >> because we are dc state. >> definitely. >> and. >> oh >> you just funked a-rod. >> how often does someone actually hit the mitt?
8:53 am
>> all the time. i get those little league kids to come in they just tear us up. >> right. >> come on now >> i am channeling -- >> all right. >> let me see you do it. come on you can talk the talk but can you walk the walk >> i am a pig racer. >> all of a sudden he is going back to being a pig man that is not much better than the pregnant lady. >> you are right not today >> but listen come out and have a good time he is a lot of fun to talk to. talk baseball and head over to the pig racesee the thousand pound races we have a link to the maryland state fair website the fair runs through monday of course when you are here allow time for a little authentic fair food that is what we are going to do in our next hour we will see what we can find we worked up quite an appetite here maybe i am just inspired by the thousand pound big but we will see what we can find back to you. >> holly thank you. >> funny. from the maryland state
8:54 am
fair to never never land, we are taking you there too this morning. >> we are pretty honored to do this peter pan coming to wolf trap, kathy rig by sew nonhouse she has been flying in the title role for decades how she feels, going strong still doing this role. see you coming up in a bit 8:54 a.m.
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we want to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day karen is a day care provider in calvert county she has been busy this week with a whole house full of kids since school has been out because of the storm good news school is in today in calvert county if you would like to be facebook fan of the day search fox 5 morning news. and then post a comment under
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karen's photo. good news if you want to see a show kennedy center celebrating its 40th birthday with a big ticket give away beginning today 10:00 a.m. this morning people can enter online to win a pair of tickets to a performance there are than 1200 free tickets will be distributed from a random drawing. all part of a program to broaden the centers audience if you would like more information how to enter go to that is it for this hour alison is sarah will take you up to 10:00 a.m. thank you steve a look now at stories we are following for the 9:00 a.m. hour, an alleged road rage incident goes to the extremes, the victim, attacked with a live power line downed by hurricane irene. we talked to the victim to get a first hand account of what happened. plus pepco has been under fire for reliability so how did they fair after hurricane irene. one group critical of the company joins us with their thoughts on their response to
8:59 am
the storm. >> irene probably didn't do your treeplants any favours can damaged plants be saved. derek thomas joins us with tips how to save your yard and garden later. >> all right a couple picks away from straight up at 9:00 a.m. down stairs to tucker barnes. good morning. >> hey alison another nice day shaping up across the washington area, a few clouds, low to mid-80s no complaining a look at satellite radar, first day of september more fall like and summary, for the day today not much happening generally clear skies, high, thin clouds moving through the area, a pretty good thunderstorm complex some cloud cover will spill into region later a mix of sun and clouds, temperatures are comfortable overnight back in the 50s for much of the area, now 60s.


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